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Brand strategy & development

This is the most integral part of marketing any product. It‘s often the phase where the most difficult decisions must be taken and where critical mistakes can be made. We can help you validate your brand strategy by finding the answer to some simple questions: who are we? What do we believe in? How are we different? How are we changing things? Why should we change things? We’ll identify the strengths to play on, and the opportunities that will turn your weaknesses to your advantage. We’ll lay out your brand architecture; so it all fits together into a comprehensive process that sees your brand flourish.

Corporate Identity

A corporate identity is more than just a logo and tagline. Our collective experience in building brands in Egypt and internationally means that we realise the importance of creating a corporate identity that not only captures the essence of your raison d’être; but also fits in your long-term brand objectives as you develop and grow. We can manage the conceptualisation, assessment of ‘what if?‘ scenarios, design and production of your identity, in addition to the development of a complete style guide to serve as a handbook for the reproduction of your identity across all media.

Integrated Marketing & Communications

Communications strategy

The key to an effective marketing campaign is in successfully building effective relationships for brands through the activation of integrated marketing campaigns, which utilise all possible communication channels. We dive head-first into your brand to assess your strengths and recognise the market opportunities. With a deep understanding of the situation and meticulous attention to planning, we are able to clearly set out your communications objectives, and identify the key messages that provide the basis of a multifaceted, hard-hitting campaign.

Public Relations

To ensure a strong public image, consistent, and credible PR is critical. We have a firm understanding of the Egyptian and international media landscapes, and have strong relations with the media on a national, and regional level. We can identify opportunities for “good news” stories from within your organization, or create custom initiatives that help get your key messages across. With experience dealing with journalists in the Middle East and Europe, we can plan, organize, and implement a cohesive PR campaign which is aligned with your organizational objectives and ensure it achieves the desired results.

Marketing Materials & Collateral

Creating effective marketing materials boils down to creative design, well-thought-out copywriting and high-quality production. We have a team of designers, and English and Arabic copywriters with unrivalled experience in the public relations and advertising industries, as well as a network of tried and tested print houses to meet the needs of even the most demanding requests. We go one step further by offering end-to-end solution for all your online requirements.

Direct marketing

Direct marketing is an often underutilised marketing tool in Egypt. It gives you the opportunity to provide highly targeted campaigns to specific consumer profiles. We can help you use the customer data that you have to increase the frequency in which they utilise your product, change their behaviour, or communicate a message; and in turn, increase your ROI. If you don’t have the consumer data, we can devise creative data capture mechanisms for you and save you the cost of purchasing the data from third parties.

Point of Sale materials

POS is a powerful tool in any marketer’s arsenal. Many make the mistake of simply churning out flyers or standard POS materials when their money can be better spent coming up with something more creative, or event-interactive. People are visually assaulted by hundreds of POS marketing messages every day. Yours should stand out, be memorable, and fun.

Brand experience

This is a new concept for marketers in Egypt. Brand experience gives consumers the chance to try before they buy. Sound simple? Well, it is. However, the only problem is that this is the most personal contact that you can directly have with your target audience, and to take full advantage; you need to provide a little more than a sample of your product. We can devise creative brand experience campaigns, which not only get your customers to sample your product; but the campaigns also involve them to the point of creating word of mouth, or ‘talkability’, and the psychological effect of linking your product to a memorable and positive experience.


Media Republic has a wealth of experience in organising consumer, press and corporate events. in fact, we’ve become so good that our spin-off sister company Event Republic was set up to create a few flagship events of our own. We organise events as varied as high-profile parties with 1000+ attendees, to press conferences, charity fundraisers and trade show exhibits. Our services range from event conceptualisation to financial planning, fundraising, logistical support, staffing, catering, production and management.


It’s hard to believe that something as fun to organise as a PR stunt can be such a powerful marketing tool. We can go on about how they make you stand out, generate lots of PR mileage, or give your brand an air of trendy ‘we’re switched on’ appeal. Instead, you find out what we did to launch Cairo 360, the leading guide to living in Cairo in March 2010. Very few companies embrace PR stunts the same way that we do, and there really is nothing as effective as a successful stunt to create genuine and almost revered talkability.

Digital & Multimedia

Online Services

The success of Cairo 360, our in-house online magazine, is testament to our online services being second to none. Working closely with our sister company Bright Creations, we can provide an end-to-end solution for all your online requirements. This includes cutting-edge web design and development, copywriting, SEO and traffic generation.

New media

New media is a misleading moniker for what is now an integral channel for interacting with your customers. Blogging, social networks, viral marketing and virtual communities have provided marketers with an almost unlimited number of channels to reach a target audience. We can plan and manage your new media presence across a multitude of social networks, and we can generate awareness for you in the new media space by managing your interactions with your customers.

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