Waseem El Tanahi

Founder & Managing Director

Waseem El Tanahi is the founder and Managing Director of Media Republic. El Tanahi has over ten years experience in marketing and PR gained through regional managerial positions held in the UK, UAE and Egypt. He specializes in a number of areas including consumer technologies, FMCG’s, private equity, real estate, insurance and publishing. From 2000 to 2007, El Tanahi worked at several award-winning agencies in London, England; including Frank PR, and Indigo Pearl, where he handled communications for several consumer technology clients such as Sony, Logitech, Atari, and Gizmondo. Prior to founding Media Republic in Egypt in January 2009, he positions at leading Cairo-based agencies, followed by a Marketing Director position at Coldwell Banker Intercontinental Affiliates, where he was responsible for creating a comprehensive communications strategy to market the franchise in 35 countries across the Middle East and Eastern Europe. EL Tanahi is also the publisher of Cairo 360 and Cairo Gossip, both leading lifestyle websites in Cairo, Egypt. He graduated with honors from Richmond, the American International University in London in 2002, and has several CSE diplomas in management, corporate and mass communications. When not managing two companies, Waseem spends his free time shopping for plus-sized shoes and attempting to kite-surf.

Mohamed El Sherbieny

Creative Director

Sherbieny joined Media Republic as Creative Director in September 2012 with a BA in Film Production and an extensive repertoire in art direction and 3D modeling. His personal works were showcased in Long Island, New York’s art gallery and also projected during New York City’s event ‘Art Takes Time Square’. With years of experience working within various corporate environments, as well as for numerous private clients, he has contributed to several print magazines and advertising agencies, working on campaigns for such clients as Daihatsu, Orascom Development, Orly, Jawwal and the Credit Agricole Bank. While not in the office, Sherbieny wakes up to discover that he still is.

Mohamed El Rashidi

Associate Creative Director

Mohammed El Rashidy joined Media Republic as an Associate Creative Director in 2015 with a BA in Printing, Publishing and Packaging; and with previous experience working for some of Egypt’s leading brands including Mobinil, Egypt Air, Orascom Telecom, Coca Cola and UNICEF. He now serves some of Media Republic’s biggest clients like as the Sahl Hasheesh, LG Electronics and Pirelli. Rashidy’s favorite thing to do is to be spending time with his kids…unless an Ahly match is on, then all bets are off.

Seif Agamawy

Business Development Manager

Graduating with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, Seif Agamawy joined Media Republic as Business Development Manager in February 2014. With his experience in client management across different fields, he has served clients throughout his career such as Virgin Megastores, Juhayna, Vodafone and Phillips. Seif has capitalized on his educational background by honing his skills to pursue new and challenging businesses. When Seif is not in the office, it can almost be guaranteed that he will be found at home, on his couch, looking at moving pictures on some screen or other.

Omar Mounir

Senior Account Manager

Following years of experience operating within the F&B and hospitality industry, Omar Mounir began his career as an account manager for Media Republic in September 2012. Since handling various international and Cairo-based brands, he now manages Heineken International, Savannah, I.D. Vodka, Sahl Hasheesh, British American Tobacco and Connex. While he’s not busy pretending to go to the gym, Omar spends his free time replenishing his wardrobe with sneakers and loitering around hip-hop clubs.

Heba Rady

Account Manager

After years of experience in promo coordination and assisting with project management, Heba has found her way to becoming an important part of the Media Republic family. Heba is a proactive member of the client servicing team who is a natural-born problem solver, with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and PR, her strong work ethic and her natural approach to life has made her a crucial part of the team. Since coming on board, Heba has worked with various international as well as local clients such as LG Electronics, Heineken International, Sahl Hasheesh, and National Bank of Egypt. For someone that takes up such a small space at the office, Heba has the amazing ability to vocally take over the room, or the street as it may be.

Michael Luca

Account Executive

Michael Luca joined Media Republic in 2015 following a BA in Marketing at the Ahram Canadian University. Since he joined the team, he has played a crucial role in the production of campaign materials for clients such as the Ahram Beverages Company, LG Electronics, Heineken International, and the National Bank of Egypt. You can call Michael late for just about anything, except for when a Champions League Football match is on.

Valentin Schouvey

Art Director

Graduating from Besançon’s Academy of Fine Arts in France, Valentin Schouvey joined Media Republic’s Creative Department as Art Director after moving here from a Paris based agency. With a background deeply rooted in artistic and corporate achievements, Schouvey has served many diverse and prominent clients. Proving that stereotypes exist for a reason, Valentin spends his free time in the kitchen creating gourmet cuisine and charming kiosk vendors with his French accent.

Moataz Mohamed

Art Director

Joining Media Republic as a senior graphic designer in November 2013, Moataz Mohamed graduated from the faculty of applied arts and has worked on some of Egypt’s leading brands including Danone, Souq.com, El Mashreq Bank, Caltex, Cairo Festival City, Conrad and LG. With experience gained through positions in companies such as Team Young & Rubicam and Bright Ideas, he now serves some of Media Republic’s biggest clients. While he has yet to reveal any personal information, sources speculate that Moataz harbors a wanderlust and fascination for the unknown.

Ahmed Samy

Creative Consultant

Ahmed Samy is one of the lead designers working on the Gianaclis Vineyards account. He began his career as a designer at Middle East Times in 1997, followed by 2 years at Marcom where he worked exclusively on Mercedes Benz, and Bang & Olufsen. Since then he has worked at various agencies including Meric, U5/PMG where he worked on different accounts including Shell, BMW, and Ernst & Young. Ahmed Samy joined Media Republic in October 2010. During his free time, Ahmed creates unsolvable puzzles and serves as an internal guru for Media Republic’s spiritual and philosophical conundrums.

Haisam Awad

Creative Consultant

Holding a BA in Media and Communications from Goldsmith College, University of London, Haisam Awad joined Media Republic in May of 2011, became Managing Editor of Cairo 360 and Cairo Gossip in 2012, and has since contributed as Creative Consultant for Media Republic. With experience gained from positions held at BBC World Service, Songkick.com, and Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities, he now acts as consultant for a variety of creative and editorial-led campaigns. In between his cigarette breaks, Haisam enjoys playing football and attending concerts by obscure acts no one cares about.

Nermin Habib

Senior Copywriter

Nermin Habib joined Media Republic in September 2013 with a journalistic background encompassing various international print and online publications. Beginning her career in Media Republic’s Cairo 360 website, Nermin Habib has since went on to serve some of the agency’s biggest clients, including British American Tobacco, Heineken International, Sahl Hasheesh and Savannah. As the top ranked Yahoo! Billiards player, Nermin avoids the media frenzy by hiding out underwater with video games and books.

Youssif Wagdy

Creative Copywriter

Joining Media Republic as a Copywriter in April 2015, Youssif Wagdy graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and PR with previous experience within the same field. Since joining, he has worked with some of Media Republic’s largest clients including Phillip Morris International, Pirelli, LG Electronics, Sahl Hasheesh and National Bank of Egypt. Youssif’s a condensed mass of creative energy both in his professional and private life and can often be found bouncing around the office like a sped up super ball.

Ahmed Radwan

Creative Copywriter

Graduating from Middlesex University in England with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising, PR and Media, Ahmed Radwan joined Media Republic as a Copywriter in March 2015 after completing his military service. Since joining the creative team at Media Republic, he has worked to serve various clients such as SahlHasheesh, Canadian International College, Heineken International, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. When he is not in the office, Radwan can be found either with a gaming controller, or a bottle in his hand…of juice!

Bassem Emil

Senior Graphic Designer

Bassem Emil joined Media Republic as a Senior Graphic Designer in March 2015. In his years of working in graphics with both multinational and Cairo based agencies he has worked with clients such as Samsung, Coca Cola Egypt, and The United Nations. Since starting at Media Republic, Bassem has worked on a wide array of clients like as LG Electronics, Canadian International College, Ahram Beverage Company, and Pirelli. Bassem can be seen battling daily with his colleagues, always coming up with new reasons for keeping his beard.

Youssef Girgis

Graphic Designer

After working for various Cairo-based and multinational agencies, Youssef Girgis joined Media Republic as Graphic Designer in August 2012. Since his initiation, he has played a crucial role in the production of campaigns for clients such as Gianaclis, Heineken, Sahl Hasheesh, Cubana Rum and I.D. Vodka. When it concerns his personal life, Youssef operates on a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ basis – and there’s nothing remotely unsettling about that.

Ahmed Maher

Graphic Designer

After working for various Cairo-based agencies, Ahmed Maher joined Media Republic as a Graphic Designer in 2015 having previously worked for some major clients like Vodafone and Mirage City Mall. Since his initiation, he has played a key role in the production of visuals and campaigns for clients such as Sahl Hasheesh, the Canadian International College, Philip Morris International, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. While he may not be a gambler, Ahmed Maher has two main passions, playing cards, and ripping on other people when they screw around too much.

Karim Qatan


Karim Qatan joined Media Republic as a finalizer in April 2015.Working towards an art degree, Karim has also worked as an Operating Manager and as an Operator and Print Engineer. He has been awarded a certificate from Heidelberg for “Printing Philosophy and Techniques”. When he isn’t at the office, you can find Karim doing one of two very different things; either reading at home or tearing up the Cairo night scene.

Omar El Zein


Omar El Zein joined Media Republic as a Finalizer in 2015, and has experience gained from working at several multinational and national design agencies and has worked for clients such as Coca-Cola Egypt and Crystal Asfour. At Media Republic, Omar now serves clients such as the Canadian International College, LG Electronics, and Pirelli. When out of the office, Omar makes better use of his hands than most men through painting, carpentry, and animation.

Christine Phillip

3D Designer

Graduating with honors from the Modern Academy in Maadi, Egypt with a Bsc in Computer Science, Christine Phillip began her career in Media Republic in 2012. Officially certified in both Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk Maya, she now produces 3D models for the campaigns of such clients as British American Tobacco, Savannah, Gianaclis, Heineken. A hard shell to crack, Christine’s personal life is a closely guarded secret she only discloses to the pages of the numerous books she reads.

Following years of experience operating within the F&B and hospitality industry, Omar Mounir began his career as account manager for Media Republic in September 2012. Since handling various international and Cairo-based brands, he now manages Heineken International, Savannah, I.D. Vodka, Cubana Rum, British American Tobacco and Connex.

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