Encourages Safe Late-Night Driving with 360 Everywhere Campaign

1 April 2010.  Cairo, Egypt. Since launching in March 2010, Cairo 360, the new online guide from Media Republic, has taken Egypt’s capital by storm. Cairo360 celebrates its launch by giving back to the Cairene community via a CSR campaign across Cairo called ‘360 Everywhere’ to encourage safe late-night driving.

Cairo 360 has a range of branded taxi cabs that provide free rides to Cairene night owls from various Cairo nightspots, in a bid to encourage people to get home safely after a late night out on the town.  All partygoers at these venues are given a 360 Everywhere pin to show their support for the cause, as well as a Cairo 360 bracelet, which they can show to any of the 360 cab drivers waiting outside to claim their free ride to anywhere in Cairo.

The ‘360 Everywhere’ campaign took place throughout March and April 2010 and at various locations including The 2nd Annual School Disco: Student Aid, the Cairo Jazz Club, Tamarai and other popular nightspots.  The taxi cabs also made a surprise appearance at various locations during the day, including Villa 55 and Lucille’s in Maadi to help raise awareness of ‘360 Everywhere’ and Cairo 360’s goal in encouraging responsible, safe driving.

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