CONNEX Assistance Middle East Launch CONNEX Corporate Healthcare

18th August 2009. Cairo, EGYPT. CONNEX Assistance Middle East, the leading provider of comprehensive medical, technical, and repatriation assistance in the region, today announced the recent launch of CONNEX Corporate Healthcare, a new division dedicated to providing full-service corporate medical care to clients based in Egypt.

The new division is based in Cairo and headed by an experienced team of healthcare and insurance professionals with over 30 years experience in the field.  The aim of CONNEX Corporate Healthcare is to offer both local and multinational companies cost effective high quality medical solutions that address the healthcare needs of their workforce to improve employee retention and reduce absenteeism.    There are no official figures regarding absenteeism in Egypt, however there is no doubt that absenteeism rates and employee retention is a key obstacle to companies operating in emerging markets like Egypt.

“High quality corporate healthcare services are in high demand in Egypt, and in markets like ours where companies are competing for skilled labour, quality healthcare benefits gives one employer an edge over another” says Helmy El Tanahy, Chairman of CONNEX Assistance Middle East.

CONNEX Corporate Healthcare already has several key Egyptian conglomerates on board and aim to carve out a substantial market share by the mid 2010 using the strength of their extensive medical network, international customer service standards, and advanced facilities like a state-of-the-art 24 hour alarm centre which is a new concept for the local corporate healthcare sector.

Tanahy added: “We have been watching this sector very closely for some time now and recent developments in the Egyptian health insurance and corporate medical services sector have made it attractive for us to enter the market.  Our mission is to apply the 10 years of experience we have gained through our primary assistance division to raise the standard of corporate healthcare services in Egypt.”

CONNEX Corporate Healthcare customers enjoy full medical cover in Egypt across a network which includes over 2000 medical facilities comprised of around 300 hospitals and medical centres, over 1000 private clinics, 300 diagnostic centres and 600 pharmacies.

“Our network has expanded dramatically in the last 2 years to accommodate the larger volume of claims one would expect from extending our services to the local market.  We have, for example, considerably extended our geographical coverage to include commercial and industrial zones as well as more remote suburban areas less frequented by tourists” said Helmy El Tanahi, Managing Director of CONNEX Corporate Healthcare. “We have also diversified our offering to include mobile-unit and on-site clinic set up, on-site medical teams, Third-Party Administration, and travel insurance through selected international partners” he added.

CONNEX Assistance Middle East was founded in 1999 in Cairo, Egypt, and provides full-service medical, technical, and funeral assistance in addition to legal and cost containment services to insurance and assistance companies worldwide.  The company has branch offices in UAE and Sudan, and the CONNEX service provider network currently covers these territories extensively in addition to Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Uganda, and Eritrea.

In 2008, the primary medical assistance division of CONNEX Assistance Middle East handled in excess of 9,000 medical claims of foreign visitors in Egypt, and in the first 3 months of operation the new corporate healthcare division handled over 4,000 local claims.

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