Goethe-Institute Hosts Regional Partner School Conference in Cairo

Cairo, Egypt, 15 December 2010 – The Goethe-Institute Cairo today announced it hosted its regional partner school conference in Cairo from Monday to Wednesday, as part of the German government initiative “Schools: Partners for the Future”. The objective of this initiative is to establish a global network of schools to widen the understanding of the German language and culture. The conference was attended by directors of partner schools throughout the Middle East and North Africa region including Egypt, Tunisia, Oman, Lebanon, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Jordan, Yemen, Iraq and Morocco. It aims to raise awareness of the importance of quality management in education, and facilitates networking opportunities for partner schools.

At the conference, the participants from different Arab countries had the opportunity to attend presentations and workshops focusing on recent developments in education in Germany with regards to quality management, best practice examples for school networking initiatives and ideas for networking with partner schools across the Middle East, as well as schools in Germany and other countries.

“Learning a new language enables children to broaden their horizons. Not only is being multilingual an asset in later life, it promotes interest and understanding of other cultures”, says H.E. Michael Bock, the German Ambassador in Cairo.

“We are very pleased with the successful development of the “Schools: Partners for the Future” network in the region and particularly in Egypt over the past two years. It shows that there is an increasing interest in Germany and the German language in the Middle East and that the transfer of knowledge in the form of high-quality programs for schools is a success” says Simone Jore, Project Manager of Schools: Partners for the Future, at the Goethe-Institute in Cairo.  “Our main focus now is to consolidate the network and make sure it is sustainable. To achieve this, we are looking to improve the quality of teaching and foster the networking of partner schools amongst each other and with schools in Germany. We strive to improve the quality of teaching German as a foreign language at our partner schools and contribute positively to the schools’ overall development,” she added.

Currently, there are a total of 52 partner schools in the Middle East and North Africa.  These schools are part of the national education system in their respective countries and are in the process of establishing or expanding programs to teach German as a foreign language. With 15 schools, Egypt boasts the biggest number of schools per country in the region. All of these schools are supported the Goethe-Institute Egypt.

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