Shobra Bars are Newest Addition to Stella Baladi Bar Circuit

21st September 2011. Famous for their efforts to renovate downtown bars, Stella, Egypt’s traditional and iconic beer, has now ventured further afield and undergone the restoration of nine new bars; four bars in Shobra, as well as five more Downtown.

Since the inception of the Downtown Renovation Project in 2009, Stella has refurbished a total of 18 baladi bars in a bid to restore the history, and heritage of their former years. Upon completion of the first round of renovations, the now familiar baladi bar hop, a cornerstone of traditional Egyptian nightlife, was born.

The newly re-opened bars located on the busy Shari’ Shobra include Aliasbond, Taverna, Baron, and Ciao. They live up to their Downtown neighbours reputation for a traditional Egyptian experience and are surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Shobra where many shops still have original signage several decades old carrying French names reminiscent of Egypt’s glory days. The bars are abundant with usual fare of traditional baladi furniture, termis, patrons with a penchant for “unique” conversation, and the guarantee of an authentic Egyptian night out.

This year, Stella has also unveiled an additional five new baladi bars downtown which include Metrobol, Jamaica, El Count, Port Tawfik and Chino which has Stella lovers equally excited about a visit.

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