Taya IT Announce Islamic and Women’s Domains on Yajeel.com

18th July 2010. Riyadh, KSA. Taya IT, the regional enterprise and internet search applications specialists today announced the launch of Yajeel Islam (islam.yajeel.com) and Yajeel Hawaa (hawaa.yajeel.com); two new domains appearing for the first time on the Yajeel search network.  Released in beta on 10th January 2010 to critical acclaim, www.Yajeel.com has attracted thousands of users from across the region as the Arab world’s first domain specific search network allowing Arabic speakers to search popular topics for the Arabic web  simply, easily, and in one place, with the highest possible relevancy

The addition of Yajeel Islam to existing domains allows users to search all the leading sites containing reputable Islamic content including Quranic verses and interpretations, fatwas, ahadeeth, and religious stories quickly and easily using a single search bar.  Up to date prayer times, and a Quranic verse of the day section will also be displayed alongside the search bar.

The inclusion of Yajeel Hawaa brings women’s interest topics to the fore, by allowing Arabic speaking women of all ages to search popular content relating to the latest fashion trends, beauty tips, women’s health and fitness as well as recipes which prove particularly popular during Ramadan.  This domain, which is designed to appeal to women from all walks of life covering topics of interest to adolescent girls, to lifestyle choices, mothers and more, will also display trending topics from the region’s top web publishers, as well as the most popular searches within the last 24 hours.

“With Ramadan less than a month away, we are in a unique position to launch these new domains which surge in popularity during the holy month” said Ashraf Tawakkol, CEO of Taya IT.  “.  As an Arab company with strong regional roots, we value our  culture and identity.  We strongly believe this should be reflected in our products and shall continue to provide relevant search services for popular topics on the Arabic web ” he added.

Other domains on Yajeel include Yajeel Kora (kora.yajeel.com) which was hugely popular during the FIFA World Cup 2010 as a search engine which enables users to search for the latest worldwide football news and fixtures in Arabic, as well as Yajeel Ekhtar (ekhtar.yajeel.com), the world’s first Arabic social media search engine.  Several more domains are expected to be announced before the end of 2010.

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