Taya IT Announce the Beta Release of Yajeel.com

10th January 2010. Dubai, UAE. Taya IT, a leading regional specialist in Enterprise and internet search applications, today announced the beta launch of www.Yajeel.com, a pioneering new content discovery portal which serves as an independent gateway to the best of digital Arabia.  The Arabic-only portal, uses cutting-edge search technologies to provide Arabic internet users with a powerful new tool to easily discover and share Arabic content online.

Arabic internet users will get their first look at the www.Yajeel.com homepage, featuring a new search engine as well as content specific web channels serving as dedicated portals to the most popular topics available from third-party web publishers. Beta launch channels include a football news service containing the latest news and fixtures from Middle Eastern and international football, as well as a seamlessly integrated ranking tool allowing users to rate the content they view and increase or decrease it’s priority on a listing of “most popular” internet pages.

“We’ve been working hard to ensure Yajeel adds value to the Arabian user’s online experience, and we are very excited to have the opportunity to showcase some of its features in the beta release” said Khaled Wahba, Taya IT CEO. “As an independent content discovery portal, we’re providing a means through which Arabic internet users can easily find relevant and engaging content online, and by categorizing content into popular web channels we’re enhancing the usability and functionality of existing Arabic language internet pages” he added.

The technology behind www.Yajeel.com intelligently classifies Arabic internet content, giving users access to a continuously updated stream of relevant web pages categorized according to topics of interest. Users can then customize the stream controlling what they see and how they see it. Innovative sharing features  available on all web channels allow for the sharing of favourite content and customized data streams.

“Yajeel’s sharing features are designed to allow users to interact with one another through content. Once relevant content is discovered on third-party websites, it can be shared, promoting that page or data stream to other users within the Yajeel world or elsewhere,” said Khaled Wahba. “Data streams provide Arabic internet audiences with a valuable content discovery tool and also serve as a promotional platform for the region’s content publishers who benefit from having their content indexed, categorized, and heavily promoted to a high value target market.”

The beta release is now live, and the official launch date is expected to be announced in February 2010 and will include a variety of extra features and additional web channels products.

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