Taya IT Announce Yahki.com Public Beta

27th July 2011. Cairo, Egypt. Taya IT, a leading developer of online products and smartphone-based applications, today announced the launch of its highly anticipated public beta for Yahki.com, the curation and storytelling platform that is the first of its kind, allowing users in MENA to create stories by seamlessly threading together different multimedia content from the web.

Yahki.com allows users to search for related topics within general online news articles, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, and Flikr, and pull them together by simply dragging and dropping these different elements into a new stream. In this process of content curation, users can also add their narratives on the topic, thus creating a new story from existing content on the web with their personal viewpoints. The site, which has been in private beta since January 2011, is available in both Arabic and English interfaces, and has already seen private beta users generate and share tens of thousands of unique stories online.

“Providing users with a versatile tool that allows them to consume and curate online content in this way has yielded some very interesting stories; as everyone has a different view on what they watch, read and engage with online,” said Ashraf Tawakkol, CEO of Taya IT. “We’re delighted to be opening Yahki.com up to the public, and are very excited to see how online audiences will be using it over the coming weeks.”

Yahki.com is easy to use, and can work just as well as a means for compiling links to favourite related news stories, videos and images in one place, or as a journalistic platform that allows users to filter for the best content relating to a topic, and reuse it in a different way.

“Yahki.com could not have come at a better time. Online users in MENA have traditionally been forced to look westwards for quality content,” added Tawakkol. “However, with the recent socio-political developments in the region, people’s social media behaviour is changing. Yahki.com gives these users the ability to curate, or collect different web content from local or international social media and others sources, and put an Arab ‘spin’ on it in a way that allows audiences to digitally engage with Arab culture.”

The www.yahki.com beta release is now live, and the official launch date is expected to be announced later in the year.

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