Taya IT Announces Second Beta Version of Yajeel.com

25 May 2010. Dubai, UAE. Taya IT, a regional specialist in enterprise and internet search applications announced today the latest beta release of Yajeel.com, a specialised Arabic search network which aims to improve search for Arabic information online by providing highly relevant results and a simple, social way to discover content.

With over 1 trillion pages on the World Wide Web, and ever increasing consumer expectations in the search for relevant information, Yajeel is approaching the problem of search from a different perspective.  Yajeel’s web crawlers first categorize the web, and then allow users to search in the specific category or vertical they are interested in.  Searching in this way removes much of the noise that plagues traditional search engines.

“Following previous beta releases, feedback and focus testing from acclaimed technology focused bloggers in the region all pointed in the same direction: to provide a simple, and more focused search experience yielding highly relevant results, and a means for navigational discovery for online content in Arabic” said Ashraf Tawakkol, CEO of Taya IT.  “While enhancing Yajeel’s offering and feature set it became apparent that incorporating a social element was critical to adding value to the user experience in a way which has yet to be introduced to the Arabian web.”

The beta release comprises a host of continuously evolving features and functionality which currently includes: a trending tag cloud that determines what’s being discussed and written on the Arabic web, the most trending and popular stories from today, and the ability to share individual search results on your social network of choice.

This enhanced beta launch is comprised of two distinct verticals or ‘search categories’.  The first, Yajeel Kora, allows users to access the latest Arabic information from the world of football – whether local, regional or international.  Yajeel Ekhtar, the second vertical, has been completely overhauled to become the first social media search engine in the Middle East, allowing users to search multiple social networks such as Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube; with Facebook and others to be added soon.

Users can now preview the new beta release of Yajeel at www.yajeel.com. The company expects to announce many more features and search categories over the coming months.

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